Monday, June 22, 2015


by MMB
Black Trip (Sweden): Goin’ Under (Threeman Recordings)
Black Trip’s first demo is from 2012 and this is the 2013 album. Black Trip is late 70s-style metal, maybe similar to the more melodic bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. “No Tomorrow” may, in places, sound a bit similar to “Running Free” by Iron Maiden, for instance; other songs will give a similar sensation. This band has former members of Nifelheim, Necrophobic, Dismember and a big whole bunch of bands. The band seems to be led by Peter Stjärnvind, who has been in Entombed and is in Krux with Candlemass’ Leif Edling, and who basically can play any form of metal music, black metal, doom, death, black thrash and now neo-70s heavy metal. That pretty much completes the circle, then. Are you ready to travel back in time? Black Trip has a good ticket for it. Of all of Peter’s bands, this could be the most surprising because it is so different from the extreme metal for which he is known. As he gets older, Peter can’t run away from the metal of his childhood. Peter is running free, not confused about the sweet danger brought about by the lightning to the nations and the devil eyes, with their backs to the walls but still fit to boogie, still fit to rock and roll and ready to make a jailbreak when the boys are back in town.

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