Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Dew-Scented (Germany): Intermination (Prosthetic Records)
Dew-Scented, like Overkill, Sodom and other thrash bands, has developed a solid reputation for reliability. Dew-Scented’s extreme thrash (thrash with growled vocals and some blasting) is aimed at thrash loyalists who want more, more, more moshing-chugging grooves, more. There are 14 songs on this album. Here and there, the band shows a bit of melody and whatnot, but overall, this is all about “brutal thrash” and forming giant mosh pits. I have noticed that the reason why supporters of the band like the music is because of the thrash constant, the consistent songs, the “meat and potatoes” style, the no-funny experimentation and stick-to-what-you-do-best approach. This is another way of saying that Dew-Scented is for diehard, fanatic, thrash-is-my-favorite-genre listeners that love bands that keep the moshers happy. If thrash is what you want, and what you love, and you have not given Dew-Scented a chance, right now would be a good opportunity. Here’s the door, watch your elbows, and watch out for elbows coming at your face right about now.
Dew-Scented "On a Collision Course" (OFFICIAL)

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