Saturday, June 20, 2015


Eschaton (U.S.): Sentinel Apocalypse (Unique Leader Records)
Eschaton is a tech-metal band, but I think they might be secret quantum mechanics scientists, physicists and math wizards because this music is like numbers crashing into other numbers, bouncing off the walls of other numbers. Call it “technical death metal” or “progressive deathcore” or whatever it is that these whippersnappers call themselves, but what is not in dispute is that there is no way in the universe that anyone can really understand this music with only one listen. You have to put your thinking cap on, get your calculator out and see if your human brain can figure out where these songs are going. I have been listening to Eschaton and my brain hurts. Do I need a college degree to understand Eschaton? Can Eschaton grant me a college degree if I listen to the album 20 times? Because that’s what I—with my mere human, mortal mind—need to understand the billions of riffs that are flying about. How many people are doing vocals? Is it humans or is it gremlins in the studio and why do they never stop? Eschaton is some crazy, crazy tech sounds, man. Is Eschaton the end of the line or the end of music?
ESCHATON "Falsified Existence" official lyric video.

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