Monday, June 22, 2015


Continuum (U.S.): The Hypothesis (Unique Leader Records)
If you want modern tech-metal, then let’s talk about Continuum, a band with members from a bunch of other groups like Son of Aurelius, Decrepit Birth, Deeds of Flesh and others. Tech-metal and deathcore fanatics that want clinically perfect cyborg robotized jazz from hell will find everything that they want in Continuum. There’s the low growling and the hardcore-style screaming, the drumming both goes inhumanly fast and seems to be played by someone with three arms, while the guitars are impossible to keep up with, and only with repeated listens will your little human brain begin to notice a method to the dexterity. The band call themselves “progressive death metal” and others call them “technical death metal,” and you can call it “tendonitis rock” or “mathjazz from Mars.” Holy cow, Continuum, this music is for the brains of computers and math wizards. When you listen to this band, make sure you are sitting down because you might faint. That, or start doing math equations like a maniac, like a pencil-breaking, eraser-eating maniac on the mosh floor.

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