Tuesday, June 23, 2015


by MMB
Ad Hominem (France/Italy: Antitheist (Osmose Productions)
The name of the album does not quite capture just how full of hate, negativity, anger, pessimism and nihilism this traditional black metal album’s lyrics are. Ad Hominem probably will not like anyone describing the music as fun, catchy and headbanging, but this is the fault of Ad Hominem and Ad Hominem alone: no one is forcing Ad Hominem to write such good songs, so full of great riffs, so filled with catchy tunes and so easy to headbang. Ad Hominem sounds like Kaiser—the band’s chief, big kahuna and jefe—has the mentality that Lemmy has about making music: this is not rocket science, man; it’s rock and roll; and black metal is rock and roll; make the music so that people can move.
Ad Hominem, of course, does not sound like Motorhead; this is tremolo-king black metal and blasting fury. So, yes, this is black metal; it is not “post-black metal” or anything funky like that; straight up, upfront blasting, furious black metal.
Also, if you are easily offended by politically incorrect lyrics, then don’t bother with this album because this is all about hatred for humanity. One song title that gives you an idea of the type of vibe going on here is “Go Ebola!” There are other titles that I could tell you about, but frankly some of these titles you are not supposed to say them in polite company. Everyone’s religious ideas will be offended by this band, which makes its goal to attack, insult and ridicule the humans.
Look into this band if you like latter-day Darkthrone’s catchy music, except that Ad Hominem sounds like metal, and not like garage-punk rock. In addition, the production is modern, and not garage-punk rock. What these two bands share in common is music that makes people rock out. Ad Hominem is not about complexity or intellectualism or experimentation or weirdness; just black metal and headbanging. Remember that this album is not a cave recording; it is meant to sound professional and clear.
Who is the audience for Ad Hominem? Well, first of all, if you are not offended by anti-religious and anti-human ideas, then people into black metal and thrash metal would be the obvious target audience (lots of thrashy riffs going on here). Or, perhaps if you are curious about the notion of a black metal band writing songs with the mentality of Motorhead, then give this album a listen. You might be surprised how much fun this album is. It took me one listen; with one listen, I felt the energy of the music and could tell the album would rock. After listening a bit more to the album, my opinion is the same: bang your head to Ad Hominem! By the way, if you like the black metal as interpreted by Impaled Nazarene, then check out Ad Hominem, too! They are musical cousins and they both hate the humans.
AD HOMINEM - Go Ebola!

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