Thursday, June 4, 2015

NEW: Alustrium: "A Tunnel to Eden" (Self-Released Release: 24 July 2015)

"Progressive death metal band Alustrium is set to release their new album "A Tunnel to Eden" on July 24 2015. The album, is a follow up to their 2011 release An Absence of Clarity. Unlike many bands who use the term "progressive death" metal to hide the fact that they are simply a deathcore band in disguise, Alustrium actually blends both death metal and prog into a compelling sound. This is music that fans of bands such as Cynic, The Faceless, Origin and Obscura will love."
The band's guitarist Mike DeMaria had the following to say about the album:
"'A Tunnel to Eden;' is the culmination of the past 3 years of our life. It is the audible manifestation of our dreams and passion for the music we love. From the orchestra at the record's inception to the closing notes of the record's 13 minute finale, we strive to take the listener on a ride with many twists, turns, and surprises. In the end, we believe this record shows our growth not only as a band, but as musicians. We sincerely hope our listeners will resonate strongly with what we've written, and are looking forward to bringing this record to life in the coming year."
Alustrium is
Jerry Martin-Vocals
Chris Kelly-Guitar
Mike DeMaria-Guitar
Studio Musicians:
Bass-Graham Noel
Drums-Evan Berger
Alustrium - A Tunnel To Eden

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