Monday, June 29, 2015


Lady Beast (U.S.): II (Infernö Records)
These wild acts of the heavy metal mania, such as Kaine, Night Demon, Osmium Guillotine, Züül and other bands, are crusaders on a march of the damned, bringing lightning to the nations with heavy metal thunder; these filth hounds of hades are running wild for the extermination day of false metal. Now, add Lady Beast to the demolition boys and the iron maidens! Lady Beast wants you to rock until you drop; they don't do it for fortune because they don't need your money, honey, they do it because it's electric!
From the beginning, Lady Beast wastes no time in getting to the classic-style heavy metal glory of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sounds in 2015. The first Lady Beast EP is from 2012, and now they have this album. Lady Beast is 100% shameless, in-your-face heavy metal from the time when metal was young. You better submit to this classic-style heavy metal, otherwise the band will chase you down the street and you and your friends will be like, "Aw, snap, they're going to kill us!!" for not being metal. Lady Beast plays infectious songs and they let you hear all the instruments in the old school way because this is not robotic metal; it's human-made music. I have been listening to this album and wondering how these boys and girl managed to channel the spirit of classic metal. Listen to Lady Beast! "Do you dream of playing guitar or smashing up the drums? Maybe you can learn to play the bass. You can always
be a singer like" Deborah Levine “and front the band! When on stage they wait at your command.” High five!
Heavy Metal Destiny by Lady Beast
Lady Beast-Heavy Metal Destiny

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