Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NEWS: Blizzard Hunter (Peru)- Heavy Metal to the Vein (Official Video)

Blizzard Hunter has a new album out. Here's a bit of information about the band.
Pure Steel Records has this to say about Blizzard Hunter.
BLIZZARD HUNTER are a South American Heavy/Speed Metal band from Lima, Peru. They started in 2006 as tribute and cover band yet under the name Blizzard. In 2014 they released their first EP “Conqueror of Destiny” with three own compositions on a 100 pieces limited tape edition, which meanwhile is a rare collector’s item in the metal underground.
“HEAVY METAL TO THE VEIN” now is the first full album from BLIZZARD HUNTER, released by PURE UNDERGROUND RECORDS. On their debut the five Peruvians are celebrating Heavy/Speed Metal in the vein of the glorious 80th with pure dedication. BLIZZARD HUNTER have Heavy Metal in their veins, there is no doubt.
“HEAVY METAL TO THE VEIN“ will have to be loved by every true headbanger.
Blizzard Hunter - Heavy Metal to the Vein (Official Video)

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