Tuesday, June 23, 2015


by MMB
Obtruncation (Holland): Abode of the Departed Souls (Vic Records)
The first demo from this brutal death metal group is from 1991. Their debut album is from 1997 and apparently they disappeared, but this is their 2014 album and they are back to return to the action with a nine-song 33-minute album. Upon their return, they have decided to continue their blasting, brutal 90s-style death metal, not too distant from old Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation or Sinister. The album is short, the solos are shredding and the songs get to the point right quick. One after another the tracks are exercises in death metal frenzy, but Obtruncation is brutality of the old school, not the tech-metal/deathcore/slam type. This means that the band makes sure that you can bang your head to these songs. The band is not trying to have a million riffs in the song, they are interested in heaviness, in having an immediate impact and in not wasting your time. They came here to deliver the metal action, and they do. Let’s hope that Obtruncation does not disappear again. We need for this type of death metal to continue alive and not be forgotten. Obtruncation will not do disappear one more time because too many old Dutch bands keep disappearing and nobody seems to know the why. Obtruncation stay.
Obtruncation - Abode Of The Departed Souls
OBTRUNCATION Live "Scream Bloody Scum Festival" 15-11-2014

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