Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NEWS: release SACRILEGE "Ashes To Ashes"

Pure Steel Records has issued this news about Sacrilege.
SACRILEGE were founded as NWOBHM band 1982 in the UK, but they made only a few demos and dissolved in 1987. Since 2007 mastermind Bill Beadle is active again.
Ashes to Ashes is a compilation which provides an outline of the early '80s to the present day. The heavy riffs and power chords coupled with catchy choruses is what Sacrilege’s early and actual trademarks are. Tracks such as "The Unknown Soldier" and title track "Ashes to Ashes" are absolutely timeless and popular live songs. Also worth mentioning are songs like "Rock and Roll with the Devil" and "Condemned" with its absolutely outstanding guitar solos. Through their activities, among other things on Reverbnation SACRILEGE are one of the most famous Underground heavy metal bands in London and in general in the UK.
For fans of classic NWoBHM this is an absolute must-have and soon the band will release a brand new album too.

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