Monday, June 22, 2015


Starbynary (Italy): Dark Passenger (Bakerteam Records)
“Dark Passenger” is an album that will be interesting to the public that is committed to traditional prog metal. Overall, the music combines power metal melodies with prog metal vibes: the keyboards are prominent and the neoclassical elements are an important part of the sound; expect the keyboard/guitar shred moments. The vocals are on the high/melodic end of the spectrum. Starbynary is talent and intelligence, and it sounds like music for musicians. The band doesn’t sound like they are trying to compromise, which is a positive aspect for the dedicated prog listener. The album is over an hour long, which is almost like a rule for prog bands: the albums have to be long because they need that much time to get all the ideas out. This is the band’s debut and the band was formed in 2013, but this is an experienced band; it sounds very professional, skilled and the production sounds as professional as can be. Starbynary might be a new name, but for those devoted listeners of prog, this band should be a good find.

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