Monday, June 29, 2015


Officium Triste (Holland): Reason (Vic Records)
Officium Triste started in 1994 and the band is still active today, with a recent album in 2013. Vic Records is reissuing “Reason,” the band’s 2004 album, considered a classic of melancholic doom by some. Given that this is not a new album, I want to get to the point very quickly: l will say that this is “elegant melancholic doom with growled vocals,” which means that some things stand out. First, the growling is pleasant, and not annoying/irritating screaming/yelling/barking. This growling manages to sound pleasing and I have no idea how they do it. It’s not aggressive/angry; it’s elegant. Second, the songs have melody, but it’s melancholy and that’s what this is all about. Third, the music is quality, and it’s for those into Slumber, October Tide, Daylight Dies, early Katatonia, early Paradise Lost and other such sounds. This album has nothing to do with "Southern-fried" rock, sludge, stoner/garage rock, core, ambient/post-rock, and those current “doom” trends. I cannot tell you anything else about Officium Triste’s other albums because this band is new to me (how ignorant!). This album, however, I can easily tell you that it is very good melancholic doom.
Officium Triste - The Silent Witness

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