Saturday, June 20, 2015


Undergang (Denmark): Døden læger alle sår (Dark Descent Records)
For those that want death metal of the lowest-growling-murmuring possible and the heaviest kind, played in a primal, cave and minimalist way, then Undergang’s music will be perfect for you. Undergang has such indecipherable growls that you would need special decoders to listen closely and attempt to know what words, if any, are being utilized. How rotten and putrid can Undergang make its death metal? Ha, ha, oh, you have no idea! In comparison to Undergang, a band like Incantation or Suffocation sounds much cleaner and musical. With Undergang we are in the world of Hellhammer 1983 aesthetics, in the sense of extreme sounds and unpolished style. Not that it sounds like Hellhammer per se. If anything, if you have heard Krypts (Finland) in the recent period, you will have an idea of these kinds of sounds. There was a time when death metal bands wanted to make disgusting music and did not know how to play their instruments very well or were not interested in sounding very skilled. This is what Undergang is all about. Just when you thought that death metal could not possibly get uglier, then Undergang comes along and flushes down the toilet everything that you think you know about death metal. This is for the most dedicated to primitive, cave-dwelling death metal supporters. Is this band the work of genius?!
UNDERGANG - Kogt I Blod (2015) Dark Descent Records

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