Monday, June 22, 2015


by MMB
Dire Omen (Canada): Wrestling the Revelation of Futility (Dark Descent Records)
Dire Omen looks to keep the metal filthy and chaotic in the most extreme way possible. Dire Omen is keenly aware that they play metal that most metalheads will never understand, as if Dire Omen is sick of seeing their favorite bands mellow out or become the darlings of the metal media. That’s it, then, Dire Omen’s goal is make the music so chaotic and anti-fashion that the music itself sounds exceedingly hostile to the rules of metal music itself. The low-growled incomprehensible vocals and the sheer anti-everything of Dire Omen reeks of nihilistic extremes taken to the max, a wasteland that no casual “fan” will dare approach because this is unintelligible to the casuals. The old bands in the 80s used to talk about “no posers allowed” and whatnot, but their music had melodic and catchy riffs, even if it was thrash or death metal or grind. This is an altogether different beast. This is bitterly, vehemently hostile to the normal ear and most people won’t get it, they won’t wrap their heads around it. Most metalheads will dismiss it as “garbage” and Dire Omen sincerely hopes that that is exactly what happens, so that only those that can handle the filthiness and the grime can stick around until the album ends. The public into war metal, necro metal, primitive death metal and barbaric/savage metal in general should look into Dire Omen.

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