Tuesday, December 9, 2014

traditional heavy metal from Colombia: IRON COMMAND: "Play it Loud"

Iron Command (Colombia): Play it Loud
Iron Command is a young, classic-style, fast heavy metal band from Colombia. “Play it Loud” is the band’s debut album in 2014, preceded by a demo in 2013. The band started in 2011. The sound is traditional, screaming, riff-centered heavy metal. More specifically, Iron Command lives for the fire of cult heavy metal. Stubborn, confident, and self-aware, Iron Command often displays the speed and the grit of early, fast Saxon, as well as the spirit of bands likes Blitzkrieg and Angel Witch. Iron Command is 100% committed to playing cult heavy metal and to sounding like classic cult heavy metal because it sure seems like the band has recorded the album to sound like a genuine classic-style band, which means that the drums sound like real drums, not like plastic bottles or drum programming. When listening to this album, the band gives the listener control of the volume. The album is not set to sound all compressed, high tech and annoyingly loud, which means that you can set it to the volume you want in order to hear the different instruments. This album needs to be found by enthusiasts of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal; by people into early 80s U.S. metal bands like Jag Panzer, Omen, Savatage and similar bands; and by supporters of modern neo-classic heavy metal like Kaine, Osmium Guillotine, Johnny Touch, Convent Guilt and similar sounds. Expect high energy and street heavy metal.
IRON COMMAND - Play it loud.
IRON COMMAND - Power abuse
IRON COMMAND - Rush slaves + Heavy metal queen (Trance cover) (Live at E...
IRON COMMAND - Play it loud (Live at Envigado Metal Fest 2)

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