Thursday, December 11, 2014

abstruse black metal: Cainan Dawn (France): Thavmial

Cainan Dawn (France): Thavmial
Cainan Dawn’s “Thavmial” is from 2014 on Osmose Productions. “Thavmial” is black metal that avoids cheap/expected hooks, melody and memorable parts at all costs. It is made to alienate and keep a distance between the band and the listener with a sound that is unapproachable, making sure to keep away certain unwanted people. Cainan Dawn does not play black metal by the rules of connecting with the listener. They know 99% of metal people won’t understand this sound. That’s fine. Look into this band only if you are in the small minority of people that searches black metal for the initiated: “cold,” “distant,” “unfriendly,” and “uncatchy” elitist black metal sounds. This band is not going to beg you to give them a like or thumbs up or whatever else garbage it is that some people want. This is what abstruse black metal is.
Caïnan Dawn - The Brood

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