Tuesday, December 9, 2014

thrash: NervoChaos (Brazil)

NervoChaos (Brazil): The Art of Revenge
NervoChaos’ music has got to be one of the most shamelessly mosh-inducing albums of the year. This is probably as perfect as an album can get for causing mass mosh pits. This riffing is practically made to make a thrash and death metal fanatic jump of out her or his seat and start a pit. NervoChaos makes songs to play metal live and instigate a physical reaction. In some ways you could say that they take the best of early 90s thrash in the guitar sound, that chunky, groove-laden sound somewhere around the neighborhood of Slayer/Sepultura/Pantera: direct-impact and to-the-point riffs. www.facebook.com/NervoChaos www.greyhazerecords.com Nervochaos - For Passion Not Fashion

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