Tuesday, December 9, 2014

thrash: Game Over (Italy)

Game Over (Italy): Burst into the Quiet; For Humanity
Game Over’s “Burst into the Quiet” is the 2014 album and “For Humanity” is from 2012. Of course, the band’s name comes from the Nuclear Assault album and the band’s logo is in the style of Nuclear Assault. Game Over concentrates on classic-style riffs, speed, shredding and gangshouts. Nobody wants Game Over to slow down and the band aims to please. The 2012 album is no different, thrash and speed all the way. The glory days of thrash were not just the 80s if you listen to this band: this is now and this is classic-style thrash. www.facebook.com/GameOverThrashMetal www.scarletrecords.it Game Over - Masters Of Control (2014)

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