Thursday, December 18, 2014

music beyond the humans: Omnihility (U.S.): Deathscapes of the Subconcious

Omnihility (U.S.): Deathscapes of the Subconcious
The state of Oregon, U.S. has been getting the reputation for lots of stoner and doom music, as well as bands that do much to sustain the reputation of weirdness by jacking up punk rock with grind with drone with space rock with whale lunar waves rock and many other things. Those bands certainly enjoy mixing genres and confusing everyone while entertaining their audiences. Is there room in Oregon for Omnihility? Does high-speed blasting tech-metal that blinds with precision and dexterity, does that count as part of the Oregon weirdness? Back in 2010 Omnihility was just getting its name out there as a brand new entry into the world of Origin-style tech-metal. In 2012 the band had the album “Biogenesis” and in 2014 they have this new one “Deathscapes of the Subconscious.”
Omnihility is not so much tech-metal as it is music made for the future cyborgs that will rule the planet. The cyborgs will think of Omnihility as classic music when a few humans were starting to sharpen up the music to the level of speed and technicality that the machines consider “normal.” Most humans cannot keep up with these sounds because it sounds like a blur to them, but to the cyborg these songs are comprehensible: inhuman speed in drumming; wrist-breaking finger work on the guitar and monster vocals that no one can understand (when the vocalist forgets his/its lines, he/it just goes: “waarrghhhroarrrr” and it’s all good). Omnihility itself is a bunch of cyborg disguised as humans. Omnihility could be the ambassadors preparing the territory for the upcoming cyborg takeover.
This is what you listen to when you are tired of human music and all of its nonsense: play melodies because the humans like melodies; play slow because the humans are not too smart. Well, you know what, humans? Your time is finished and the cyborgs don’t care about your low standards. Keep up with the blazing speed or make way for the future. You are not needed here. Omnihility has arrived. Get down with the future or get out of the present.
Omnihility - Disseminate (Lyrics)
Watch a cyborg from Omnihility demonstrate to the futile humans how to exercise the dexterity.
Omnihility -"Disseminate" Guitar play through

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