Tuesday, December 9, 2014

brothers in classic metal: Johnny Touch and Convent Guilt (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Johnny Touch (Australia): Inner City Wolves
Convent Guilt (Australia): Guns for Hire
Maybe the bands Johnny Touch and Convent Guilt know each very well and have for years held conversations about the need for bands to play heavy metal in the classic style. Or, perhaps that is not the case at all and they just happen to be from the same country. Whatever the case may be, if you are a die-hard lunatic for the New Wave of British Heavy Metal AND the sounds of the neo-NWOBHM, then don’t forget to put these two bands on your search list.
Johnny Touch means catchy choruses and lots of guitar hooks with a street heavy metal that is rough around the edges, maybe like the first Iron Maiden album or like old Angel Witch, but still melodic. Like Johnny Touch, Convent Guilt sounds in the style of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, late 70s-early 80s heavy metal. This traditional heavy metal is uptempo with giant metal riffs that seek to be remembered quickly and choruses that sound like classic metal instantly. These bands do not play mid-late 80s polished, glossy, stadium metal of Priest, Dio and Maiden, but rather the tougher, more street, less fancy sounds of early Saxon, Di’Anno-era Maiden, and young bands of the late 70s breaking through in the early 80s.
The fundamental thing about both bands is that they write songs that sound like classic metal songs. The reason is that they have studied classic metal and they are reclaiming the legacy and the heritage of those classic albums. This is why supporters of the style—especially the fanatical NWOBHM listeners—will welcome this band immediately. Yes, these bands sound like NWOBHM bands, and this cannot be an accident. They take possession of the classic sound with pride.
Johnny Touch - It's Alright (2014)
Convent Guilt - Guns for Hire (Unmastered Version) OFFICIAL

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