Tuesday, December 9, 2014

thrash: Foreseen HKI (Finland)

Foreseen HKI (Finland): Helsinki Savagery
You know how Finland has a reputation for melodic, symphonic and sad bands? Foreseen is here to change all that. These gutter punk hardcore thrashers make people in Helsinki run away in horror. Foreseen is rude, barbarian, angry, violent and disgusting by day, and smelly, sweaty, criminal and violent by night. They are up all day, and up all night; dirty punks playing a dirty form of thrash. It’s not melodic thrash, it’s not technical thrash, it’s not progressive thrash. Really, Foreseen barely knows how to play two chords, but they play fast and they are angry about Finland’s reputation or just angry because it’s frickin freezing in Finland, Mr. Bigglesworth. Recommended if you like thrash to be urban, street, angry and fast. All of Finland is feeling angry right about now. It’s December. www.facebook.com/Foreseen www.foreseen.bandcamp.com www.20buckspin.com
Foreseen - Death Injection

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