Tuesday, December 9, 2014

the melodic/brutal black metal of Inferion (U.S.): This Will Decay (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Inferion from Florida, U.S. has been around since 1995 and has three full-length albums, including this one, and some three EPs and some splits and demos, starting in 1998. This 2014 album has 14 songs in more than 55 minutes of “extreme metal” modern black/death guitar-centered riff attack. Equal parts “grim,” “brutal,” and “melodic.” Inferion is in-your-face-guitar “extreme metal” with the philosophy of not wasting time with overly long songs. It looks like for a long time Inferion has done recordings independently, but this one is on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Anyway, Inferion adds a bit of melody in the riffs, but overall the music, including the vocals, remain aggressive. Metal Archives says that Inferion main man Nick Reyes has been in lots of Miami bands, so it’s likely that in the Florida bar/club metal scene people know of this local band already.
Inferion - "Lament"
Inferion - Carrion for the Scavengers (2014)

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