Friday, December 19, 2014

the neo-NWOBHM sounds of: Mausoleum Gate (Finland): Mausoleum Gate

Mausoleum Gate (Finland): Mausoleum Gate
This 40-minute album is from 2014, but don’t be surprised if it sounds perfect to go with all those New Wave of British Heavy Metal albums in your collection. Obscure, cult traditional heavy metal that will go straight to your memory is what Mausoleum Gate practices and preaches. What band influences you hear will depend on your frame of reference for late 70s and early 80s metal. At times Mausoleum Gate might recall the faster riffing of Raven, at other times the obscurantist feel of Witchfynde, and other times the band’s sound goes back even further with the Hammond organ to Uriah Heep and Deep Purple and similar organ sounds.
If you want to debate which NWOBHM band is a more direct influence, sure, that would be fun, but not today though, because the year is about to end and Metal Bulletin Zine must get this review out today or the new year will come and I will be debating with you.
By far and away the most important information to note is that this album sounds great, the songs are memorable from the first listen, the band’s hard work is readily obvious, the skill is undeniable, and the album is tons, tons of fun. The neo-NWOBHM sounds in 2014 seem to be getting better and better. Considering the style and the vibe the band wants, this is a very good album, and I can’t think of a single thing that is not enjoyable about it. If you are old and old at heart, old in the sense of late 70s and early 80s metal and you have more than a passing interest in this music, you should consider this band. They sound like veterans of their style, way beyond good beginners. They have been doing this since 2009, and a huge reason why this band sounds like pros is their love and dedication to this heavy metal. For instance, the bass player named Wicked Ischanius is credited with bass, Hammond organ, Mellotron and synthesizer. Or for example, the singer V-P Parpula sings in this melodic-obscurantist old-time heavy metal that instantly sounds classic. This result can only happen with practice and more practice.
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