Monday, December 29, 2014

from issue 48 of Metal Bulletin Zine: doom death ENCOFFINATION

There is a new issue of Metal Bulletin Zine coming up soon, but before moving on, just in case you missed it.
Encoffination (U.S.): III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs) (Selfmadegod Records)
The musicians behind Encoffination—Justin Blake Stubbs and Wayne Sarantopoulos—have in mind the heaviest, slowest funeral death doom that you could ever imagine, like Incantation’s doom parts slowed down even more, and never sped up for any reason under any circumstances. Encoffination makes Black Sabbath sound like The Beatles or The Ramones. I don’t know how other people get to understand a band like this one, except through spending time with the album and waiting for it to make sense at some point. This demands patience. If a listener wants something fun, something that rocks, that listener would find this music to be a waste of time. Only by giving yourself time for this album would it be possible to hear it in a real sense. It is always very slow, the vocals are but a low murmur-growl and the drummer sounds like he is nodding off. All the songs are slow, all the time. Encoffination is an atmosphere of crawling doom. You can fall asleep to it, you can meditate to it or any such activity. No headbanging, no moshing, no happy. This is not music for jocks or for exercising. If anything, this is music that is highly elitist in nature. The metal masses would run away from this album because it subverts the idea of why people listen to metal. You want to rock? No, Encoffination does not. Encoffination is the end of the line. FYI: Encoffination is not a stoner or drone band. Like already stated, just imagine the slow segments by Incantation turned into full songs, and imagine a whole album of music at that pace. Since 2008, Encoffination has been making EPs and albums, a total of 8 titles. This total misery of sound is the first album by the band that I really have been exploring. It will take a while to unfold.

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