Thursday, December 18, 2014

the masterful, the one and only: EDEN WEINT IM GRAB (Germany)

Eden Weint Im Grab (Germany): Geysterstunde II: Ein jenseitiges Kuriositätenkabinett (Einheit Produktionen)
It is likely that listeners into gothic/folk metal and horror metal are already aware of the excellence and elegance of Eden Weint Im Grab (“Eden Weeps In Its Grave”; also abbreviated as “EWIG”, which means “eternal”), given that the German-language band has been active since 2000, and this 2014 album makes it a total of six albums and one EP. EWIG is known for high-end works and it is along the lines of elegantly mad Bohemian metal runs the gamut of carnival, circus, folk compositions joined to violin, with components of classical music, dark metal, horror soundtracks, with themes of the night, madness, ghosts, poetry and dark romanticism.
Metal Bulletin Zine has in the past published an interview with this band’s songwriter Alexander Paul Blake’s other band Aethernaeum, a black metal band. This zine has also reviewed Aethernaeum’s forerunner, when the band was simply named Alexander Paul Blake. Therefore, it is quite a pleasure to report about the album by EWIG. Of course, the lyrics are in German and if you understand no German, really, don’t let that prejudice you against this wonderful band. This album lasts about an hour and ten minutes, which gives an idea of the mentality of the band about its own art and the work that goes into it.
EWIG prides itself in high quality songwriting and creating an art that sounds beyond the pressures of crass commercialism. To listen to the album is to embark upon a wondrous travel back to an imagined time, to imagined places where the night, madness and the spirits reside. It’s not the type of music about one song, but about the album as a complete work that demands time, and discourages “casual” listeners with short-attention spans who are not cut out to be witnesses to EWIG. As highly recommended as possible in 2014. If you are new to the band, this will be a new, exciting experience for you.
Eden Weint Im Grab „Die Jenseitsflugmaschine" (Album out: 29.08.2014)
Mein geysterhaftes Grammophon
Eden Weint Im Grab"Die Sage von der weißen Frau"@BfK Magdeburg 2014
interview in German.
Nightshade - Interview mit Eden weint im Grab in Mülheim, 04.07.2014

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