Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Alltheniko (Italy): Fast and Glorious (Pure Steel Records)

Alltheniko (Italy): Fast and Glorious (Pure Steel Records)
Alltheniko is a keep-it-true, true-as-steel, metal-on-metal metalhead’s dream come true. If you have ever thought: Are there no traditional heavy metal bands that have heard songs like “Painkiller,” “All Guns Blazing,” “Freewheel Burning” (by Judas Priest) and “Angel in Black,” “Kiss of Death,” and “Back from Hell” (by Primal Fear)—and said to themselves, “That’s the way I want my heavy metal! Fast, shredding, screaming and with no stupid time-wasting ridiculous nonsense like ballads,”—Alltheniko’s new album “Fast and Glorious” is exactly that! Name-taking, no-prisoners, no-fat, no-filler, glass-breaking, door-down-kicking heavy metal. You know how Judas Priest and Primal Fear often start albums with heavy metal that is the very definition of heavy metal, but then they ruin it by slowing down for a ballad. Why?! Stop for nothing! Pedal to the metal; fire up the double bass, get the shredding on, and start the fire, and end it only when the album is over with silence. You might feel like saying, “Finally, a metal band that understands! Finally, a band that knows how a metalhead actually thinks!” Alltheniko takes the fast elements of Judas Priest and Primal Fear and runs away with the speed. This band has been around since 2002 and has five albums. If you want your heavy metal fast and shredding, start with this album. By the way, if you like thrash, but you don’t like the punk-like vocals of thrash bands, you should hear this fast metal band that has singing. Alltheniko is not a thrash/speed metal band per se, but they sure are fast heavy metal.

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