Tuesday, December 16, 2014

heavy, experimental and weird: Pyrrhon (U.S.): The Mother of Virtues (Relapse Records)

Pyrrhon (U.S.): The Mother of Virtues
Only a mother could love the weirdo jazz-from-hell tech-experimentalists Pyrrhon’s growling, headache-inducing sounds of the absurd. Some people say: You will like Pyrrhon if you like Gorguts or tech-metal or left-field sounds like Today Is the Day or whatnot, but those bands sound pretty normal compared to this looney bin insane asylum salad of mixed nuts. Pyrrhon is like a drunk cook in the kitchen making soup with whatever he or she finds in the kitchen: Is that a pair of old shoes? Whatever, throw them in the pot! Vegetables and shoes taste good, right? Is that an old battery? Let’s use that battery, too. Soup with batteries surely will be an interesting delicacy, correct? Pyrrhon is a band of many, many personalities and it is the equivalent of an abstract painting that some people think is genius and that makes uptight people shake their heads in frustration or confusion. Fast, slow, silent, animal sounds, gentle segments, space sounds, tech-metal speed, screams, blasts, yoga moments, drone… it is all Pyrrhon taking care of business. Pyrrhon is a bad, bad band, man. These bad boys of rock and roll are throwing away all the rules of music theory. In truth, most of the metal listeners that think this band is garbage are not qualified to have an opinion. They don’t understand because this band is too much for them. Listen to Pyrrhon if you like heavy, weird music. Otherwise, this is the wrong party you just walked into. Find the exit now.
PYRRHON - "Balkanized" Official Track

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