Thursday, December 18, 2014

scientific findings on INANIMATE EXISTENCE

Inanimate Existence (U.S.): A Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement
Inanimate Existence = 1/3 tech-metal + 1/3 prog + 1/3 unknown factors (x).
1/3 tech-metal = frenzied, laboratory perfectionism in blasting + low-growl + guitar dynamics in <, >, or = quantities to Origin, Decrepit Birth et al.
1/3 prog = bursts of prog/melodic guitar segments. This report recommends that the prog is not = tech-metal, but not incompatible here, either, through the use of smooth transitions, a commendable trait.
1/3 unknown factors = exotic (exotic to tech-metal) instrumentation; it might be guest vocals, bongos and other instruments. This report points out that it is here where the unexpected takes place in the greatest amounts.
Inanimate Existence requires sharp listening skills. An experiment-minded listener will find compatibility here. Certain intelligence is required. Music for musicians might be too much of a generalization, although it is also not completely untrue at least for some listeners inclined to higher learning in fast, skilled music. Higher standards and less restrictions are also found to be necessary elements for comprehension of Inanimate Existence. No IQ test will be required to be administered for each listener at this particular time, although such an element should at least not be totally discarded for future events.
Inanimate Existence "The Rune of Destruction" Official Video

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