Thursday, December 4, 2014

Malpractice (Finland): Turning Tides (Sensory Records)

Malpractice (Finland): Turning Tides (Sensory Records)
I have tried, tried and tried to find one good thing to say about Malpractice. Over and over again I have listened to the songs, the instrumentation, the singing and the sound quality so that I can say one good thing about Malpractice, but it’s no use. I cannot find one good thing to say about Malpractice. I have been able to find only many, many excellent things, and nothing that is “only good.” Despite the fact that the band started 20 years ago and now has some eight works, this is my first time hearing its music. On this album one of the initial things that sounded appealing was the drum sound, the fullness of the drum sound. This detail alone shows that the band spent time on the details. Or, if you are partial to quality guitar playing, this band should provide a pleasant and interesting listening experience. Malpractice is prog, but it is very ear-friendly because the singer Aleksi Parviainen has one of the most unique, melodic and smooth singing voices that I have heard all year. He is not a “metal screamer,” and he makes it sound so effortless. The tone of the voice is also melodic and easy for the listener to assimilate. Some metal singers want to “scream it out” and shatter windows, but Aleksi has a soulful voice, he sounds a lot more confident of his skills; no need to show off. Of course, this style of singing is not irritating, like some metal screaming can be. This is just smooth, memorable singing, with an appeal far beyond metal music.
I have different categories for albums. Some albums are category 4: these I keep and listen to, but if I lose these albums I would be upset only, but not furious or in a deep depression. Category 3: These albums have lots of good songs and are solid works. Category 2: These ones are very good, but may have a song or two that I think are filler or below the overall quality. Category 1: Nearly perfect albums and they always sound great. Right now I am thinking that this Malpractice album will go straight to category 1. It won’t spend any probation time in the other categories because it is instant excellence.
Who is Malpractice? Well, according to Metal Archives, just about everyone is in other bands. Drummer Toni Paananen works with Hevein, Mystic Opera, Omnium Gatherum, amongst others. Guitarist Joonas Koto works with Omnium Gatherum and used to be in To/Die/For, while guitarist Markus Vanhala is from Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum, both renowned band names for those into metal from Finland. Singer Aleksi Parviainen has been in a bunch of bands and currently sings in melodic prog metal band Soulcage, too. As you can see, in Malpractice the skills are abundant. That explains a lot about this album.
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