Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I like that old-time death metal: Rude (U.S.): Soul Recall (FDA Rekotz)

Rude (U.S.): Soul Recall (FDA Rekotz)
It’s taken a long time for death metal Rude to have its 2014 album out and about in the world since the band started back in 2008. The music showcases how the band has studied classic death metal for years and years, and in the process the band has put together one super impressive debut that sounds like a potent mix of the classics in a particular way specific to Rude. The band will probably hate this description, but on this day, after living with this music for a while, since the year is about to end we better do this review now.
Rude must have come up with the idea of playing death metal the following way:
The vocals should be in the style of “Leprosy”-era Death and “Consuming Impulse”-era Pestilence. The enunciation has fundamental Schuldiner/van Drunen characteristics. The result? Sounds great! By far, one the most recognizable and beloved forms of growling in all of death metal: extended syllables and aggressive delivery, not the cupped-microphone/low-murmur, fearful-of-throat-injury style. Growl like you don’t care about your “health.”
The guitar work should combine the memorable parts/riffs of “Leprosy,” and “Altars of Madnes”-era Morbid Angel, and leave room for other golden-era death metal sounds, like classic Pestilence and the others.
The drum sound should be like Morbid Angel’s “Covenant,” and the style/speed of the drumming should be a bit like “Covenant,” but with more segments of uptempo (non-blasting) beats, so it’s fast, but no one should confuse Rude with the non-stop blasting style of other bands. Incidentally, the drum sound is rather attractive on this album, contrasting a lot with the clicky/plastic/soft sound so common in metal.
Impressive album by a band that is very good students of death metal, and are becoming teachers themselves. Let’s hope that they don’t break up or begin to feel the need to be “more” than death metal. It is a-ok to be death metal, this type of death metal. Don’t change the style, Rude. You don’t have to “jazz it up” or “core it up” or “math it up” for us. Love the Rude metal.
Rude - Memorial

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