Wednesday, December 10, 2014

tech-metal from Italy: BLOODTRUTH Obedience (Unique Leader)

Some people say ridiculous things like: “I don’t like bands that play tech-metal because those bands do not play with any feeling.” What is that supposed to mean, anyway? Is it an excuse for being a slowpoke that cannot keep up with inhuman speed and arthritis-causing musicianship? Everyone in Bloodtruth will end up with arthritis or tendonitis or carpel tunnel syndrome or something like it. “Obedience” is the 2014 debut by Bloodtruth, tech-metal freaks from Italy that started in 2009. What a debut it is! A thousand riffs packed into a few minutes, a growler that sounds like a crazed bear running down the street knocking down all the trashcans, and a drummer who will need some serious pain medication after playing these songs. Bloodtruth uses a bit of “monk chanting,” but they need to use it more as part of their songs because it gives them something that is a bit unique. Sometimes the band uses the chanting as an intro, but on a song like “Suppurating of Deception” they actually use it as part of the song, in the background, and this is when it works the best because it is an integral part of the sound, not just a side element. Bloodtruth has hit upon something a bit different within the realm of superhyperultra fast blasting tech-metal. Good work.
Bloodtruth – Suppurating of Deception

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