Tuesday, December 9, 2014

the black metal of Empty (Spain): Etica Profana Negativa (Osmose Productions)

Empty’s black metal straddles the line between In-the-Nightside-Eclipse-era Emperor and depressive, alienating black metal. “What is it about Empty that sounds so unapproachably monolithic and even alienating?” It is elitist black metal in the sense that Empty constructs the songs designed to be no cheap melodies, no catchy this or catchy that. It is a mountain of dense fog. They do a wonderful job of sounding nihilistic and unfriendly to the ear. Come for the negativism and pessimism. Stay for the nihilism. This band has been active since 1995, with a total of four full-length albums, including this one. Expertly nihilistic and depressive professional album.
Empty - The Deepest Void

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