Saturday, December 20, 2014

the "horror metal" of CADAVERIA

Cadaveria (Italy): Silence (Scarlet Records)
Cadaveria the band started in 2001, after Cadaveria the vocalist and Flegias the drummer departed the gothic/melodic black metal band Opera IX (Flegias is also since 1998 the vocalist for veteran thrashers Necrodeath). “Silence” is Cadaveria’s fifth album, and this 2014 album follows 2012’s “Horror Metal,” which is also the self-assigned term that Cadaveria uses to describe its music. As to this album, the band has taken a major step towards a sound that seems more identifiable as its own. Part groove metal, part uptempo gothic metal, and part melodic metal, “Silence” coherently holds together a bit of variety of songs. The band shows a sensitivity to writing memorable songs, and a song like “Carnival of Doom” is a probably a song that this band could close concerts with. I would think that this track would be a favorite amongst followers of the band, given the catchy nature of the tune. However, it’s not just one song that is that way; the complete album flows well and it looks like the band has found its way towards establishing an atmosphere for the album and for the band’s own sound of groove-focused “horror metal.” Cadaveria the vocalist has become very capable, going from dark metal screaming snarls to melancholic/melodic gothic metal vocals, which takes the band’s sounds into various areas rather smoothly, not to mention that the musicianship itself transitions easily from one segment to the next. Overall, “Silence” is one savvy album that seems primed for success in the European market for modern, catchy “extreme metal” from Dimmu Borgir to Arch Enemy to gothic metal.
Cadaveria: Carnival of Doom

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