Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Three Amigos of Weird Experimental Metal: Azure Emote, Rotting Christ, Sigh

These three entities are heavy, in a metal way. The target audience is very much metal, given that this is black and death metal in fundamental ways, but with added elements of adventure. It’s impossible to confuse the albums with someone else’s because each one is pretty unique.
Azure Emote (U.S.): “The Gravity of Impermanence”
Rotting Christ (Greece): “KATA TON DAIMONA EAYTOY”
Sigh (Japan): “In Somniphobia”
The basis of Azure Emote consists of “brutal death metal,” in the sense of Montrosity and Vile, where Azure Emote mastermind Mike Hrubovcak growls. What is really, really distinct about Azure Emote is the variety of instrumentation, moods and components that make this album a complete other ball game. The result? Depending on which moment we are talking about, it’s atmospheric death metal, really heavy “brutal” classical music, death metal opera, trippy sounds, amongst other things. Highly recommended if you want to hear death metal taken to places that few have imagined. That’s something, isn’t? www.azureemote.com
Rotting Christ just keeps taking journeys, dragging any willing listener on field trips into the band’s fearless minds. So, how do they make weirdness sound so catchy? Snake-charming music, freaky chanting, and music that sounds like the band wanted to create the atmosphere of an “evil convent” in the mountains, by the caves. Compared to Azure Emote above, Rotting Christ sounds a bit more “normal.” Of course, Rotting Christ is also very experienced at the art of composing memorable songs. That’s definitely an achievement for these veterans of black/death mind expansion. www.rotting-christ.com www.rotting-christ.com
Sigh embraces weirdness. See “L’excommunication a Minuit” for an illustration. Imagine, if you will, that the international man of mystery Austin Powers (it’s going to get downright strange when a sentence begins with “Imagine Austin Powers…”) with a bunch of hippy friends and funny sounding guitars and organs, from the 60s. Add Lisa Simpson and her jazz to this commotion. You will also hear monkey screams, maniacal laughter, bird or mosquito-like sounds, and insane asylum sounds. That’s one song. There are 11 tracks. Yikes! I’m going to need a double dose of my medication today.www.facebook.com/pages/SIGH-official-page/227550909275

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