Thursday, May 16, 2013

Necro death metal from the Phillipines and Peru

Necro death metal from the Phillipines and Peru
Here are 4 bands that practice death metal the unmodern way: ugly, unfancy, ripping, and meant for the initiated in the ways of early death metal, when death and black were essentially the same thing, just blasphemous uncommercial metal music.
Pathogen (Phillipines): “Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations”
Such a necro form of death metal that Pathogen will appeal to fans of both raw black metal and old school death metal. The album is from 2010, but I just heard it recently, so I might as well tell you about it now. This is strictly for those into the type of sound values found on Morbid Angels’ “Abominations of Desolation” and of course the first Sarcofago. At times I also get the impression that Pathogen’s favorite song of all time is Morbid Angel’s “Pain Divine” from the “Covenant” album. They do skillful work and one that the initiated will recognize and like immediately. Pathogen does not hide their influences, which is their way of showing their calling card to the listener, and finding those that want to hear some ancient death metal.
Ancestral/Non Serviam/Offensor (Peru, all three): “El rito” (three-way split) This split is quite the revelation because these three bands are specialists in the type of death metal that is raw and associated with that South American sound. The foundation for is the vibe and enthusiasm for keeping their metal fixed on the selective audience that enjoys 80s production values of underground metal. Riffs that at times go from death metal to black metal and thrash, although the atmosphere and style is certainly death metal. Whether it’s early Slayer, Bathory, Sodom or Hellhammer or Sarcofago, all that is in some way represented here, directly or indirectly. A great and welcomed contrast to the overproduced, “perfect production” and robotized metal.

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