Sunday, May 19, 2013

Krypts (Finland): "Unending Degradation"

High-density, claustrophobic, massively heavy death metal, sustained by some of the most doom-ominous guitar work covered in issue 35 of this zine, Krypts carries the music of a numbing darkness, and no hope. Think of the slow music found in Blaspherian, early Incantation, Candlemass and Imprecation, and you’ll be in the frame of mind for this. The vocals are way beyond comprehension, and project only a dark, rumbling murmur, perfectly appropriate for this bleakness.
Krypts launches into bursts of blasting speed in some places, for variety and hopeless fun. In addition—but it’s indispensable to listen closely to these songs—there is a silver lining of melodies, the type of melodies for the end of the world.
This last particular matter of melody is actually, in my opinion, the crucial piece of the puzzle for Krypts. This is why: without them the songs would be boring, because we would have a band that sounds like it is playing slow songs for some 40 minutes. In fact, some people have listened to this album and have not listened closely enough and they did not find the melodies and have mistakenly dismissed Krypts as a band that specializes in slowness. No, Krypts specializes in a vibe, a very heavy, dense death metal darkness. Yes, it does take several listens (and you probably should not be texting and driving while this is on because a mosquito-like attention span will not understand Krypts). If patience is not a quality you have with metal, then turn around, walk away, because this will seem extremely dull. Otherwise, if this review caught your interest in Krypts, go here and give a listen.

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