Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Transylvanian Funeral; Vreid

A Transylvanian Funeral: "Gorgos Goetia"
Vreid: "Welcome Farewell" One-person, minimalist, barely audible black metal is the specialty of A Transylvanian Funeral, a project that makes Darkthrone sound like “Epic Hollywood Filmscore Metal.” The audience for this black metal is probably the person writing this review, who, for some reason, happens to get a kick out lo-fi black metal. If your ears perk up when hear the term “garage black metal,” then walk this way. A Transylvanian Funeral has been waiting for
Vreid works within broad parameters, and really Vreid is such quality that even very selective people should find this to be a worthy album. Vreid is the type of veteran band that in their youth they loved the early 90s Norwegian black metal and were of course influenced by it, but at this point in their journey that they do not care for categories and narrow definitions. Vreid, being the continuation of Windir, after frontman Valfar died. Anyway, this is no one-man project garage rock “black metal,” but rather a creative force, a band, whose huge riffs show the craftsmanship, the dedication and experience. In parts, Vreid sounds like true-blue black metal tremolo guitar, and the drumming can go at that black metal blasting speed for sure, just check out the second song “The Way of the Serpent,” in which Vreid lets loose on this black metal barnstormer of a song, tremolo riff and tight blasting. However, Vreid casts a wide net, with thrash riffs, heavy metal hooks, a variety of speeds. In the end, Vreid is quality metal, not necessarily a perfect fit for box to be put in. Their “melodic black metal” is highly recommended.

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