Tuesday, May 14, 2013

God Seed: "I Begin"

God Seed, being the work of ex Gorgoroth members Gaahl and King, surely has some Gorgoroth-like characteristics, but also the use of keyboards throughout the album and broader speeds and moods, and also background sounds. Overall, it is energetic and intense, of course. “From the Running of Blood” and “Aldrande Tre” illustrate the old black metal aesthetics of blazing speed, tremolo and necro vibe. When the band explores other moods, it does not sound out of place with the faster parts. There are some spacey sounds, movie soundtrack-like vibes and perhaps background psychedelic sounds, all done in proportion, nothing too dominant. I know that a lot people like this album, and it does several cool aspects. Nevertheless, I have to call it as I hear it. I have heard God Seed a lot, actually, and have come back to it time and again. In the end, the energy/aggression has not been enough to catch my attention, and I still don’t have the sensation that I know the songs, even after repeated listens. Furthermore, there is another problem, as I see it: I simply cannot believe that they kept the sound quality so poor. These gentlemen are very experienced, and should have insisted on a higher quality for the drums, for instance. The drums sound so poor and plastic. I have a difficult time hearing anything other than a basic plastic snare sound. I don’t know that I hear cymbals, bass drum or anything else. Unbelievable. Is it a drum machine? www.reverbnation.com/godseed www.reverbnation.com/godseed

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