Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kingcrow (Italy): “In Crescendo”

Kingcrow (Italy): “In Crescendo”
Kingcrow, a traditional progressive metal band, has a talented singer and songs packed with so much skill that they should give away 20 percent of their talent to core or slam death metal bands, who would not know a note if it bit them on the derriere. In addition to being potential musical philanthropists, Kingcrow strikes an efficient balance between writing songs that can be remembered rather easily and flexing their prog musical muscles.
“Right Before” and “This Ain’t Another Love Song” are the two easy, memorable tracks that open this title. Then, things get melancholic, proggy and the band really shows its cards. Kingcrow’s sound allows different, subtle details to be heard, from the bass to acoustic guitars, to vocal layering.
Of course, no growling, no blasting, no breakdown, no pig squeals, no zombies, no glorification of violence, so on and so forth. If you hate singing and singing about personal emotions, clearly, this is not for you. There is also not much headbanging or shredding here.
It’s just music with good songs, and no gimmicks. If Kingcrow were literature, it would be the type of books that “the masses” complain that the author is too complicated and “doesn’t get to the point” quickly, and that the author tries to “confuse” the reader by using “big” words. If Kingcrow were a painting, it would be a one that a lot of people do not like because “you can’t tell what it is,” and it’s too “abstract.”
Really, it’s actually not that difficult, but it takes several good listens before most listeners will understand it a bit. All that’s needed is a willingness to comprehend.

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