Saturday, May 4, 2013

Skeletal Remains

Skeletal Remains uses a particular template for their death metal found on the album “Beyond the Flesh.” That template is: “Leprosy” (1988) by Death. It’s all here: the simple, uptempo drumming (but not blasting speed); guitar that really works out the midpace riffing; the melodic solos; and the classic-Schuldiner-like growling where the syllables are stretched out for effect (as opposed to fast growling, or to low-incomprehensible growling, etc.). Some bits of songs might recall Death’s “Choke on It,” “Leprosy,” “Left to Die,” and so on. For fans of “Consuming Impulse”-era Pestilence, “The Eternal Fall”-era Morgoth, early Gorguts, and death metal descended from Death’s “Leprosy.” They do a Gorguts cover and said cover fits in really nice with this fun album. It will be interesting to see where the band takes their death metal along the way to finding more of their own way towards a more proper identity as Skeletal Remains.

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