Thursday, May 23, 2013

instrumental sludge drone doom stoner The Lumberjack Feedback (France): "Hand of Glory"

instrumental doom stoner The Lumberjack Feedback (France): "Hand of Glory"
Welcome to the house of doom.
Take your shoes off, please.
Sit down.
Here's a beer.
In this house, do not text when The Lumberjack Feedback is on.
The tv is off.
No videogames. Stop playing Angry Birds.
Just drink your beer.
The Lumberjack Feedback is on now.
The doom is on.
No vocals, so you don't get distracted with nonsense lyrics.
Just heavy riff, after heavy, just like Iommi would want.
Do you hear the loud thumping?
It's the bass.
Do you notice that the drums sound different?
That's two drummers, by the way.
How's that beer?
Here's another one.
This is The Lumberjack Feedback.
Welcome to heavy.

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