Friday, May 24, 2013

power metal fans, this is your warning: Dark Moor: "Ars Musica" ---June 18th is your day!

Dark Moor (Spain): “Ars Musica”
This makes 9 albums, from their debut in 1999. It is true that I have never heard a Dark Moor title that I did not like, and listening to this new one is just as much fun as their previous material. Featuring luxurious, symphonic power metal; and melodies that hit the mark big time, these veterans deliver like the true professionals that they are.
Dark Moor does not emphasize upfront shredding guitars nor heaviness per se, rather it is melodies, hooks and notes coated in sugar. Speedy rockers, uptempo compositions, sing-along tunes, midtempo numbers (some more symphonic than others), ballads and others in between, Dark Moor covers all the bases in power metal, including acoustic and orchestral versions, and a song in Spanish.
If you like power metal and you have not given them much of your time, this album is a very good place to start.
Another fine, fine effort. Pleasing.

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