Monday, May 20, 2013

black metallers Fiends at Feast

Fiends at Feast: "Towards the Baphomet's Throne"
I like what I’m hearing from the skillful and confident Fiends at Feast, who begins with three headbanging songs, full of raging riffs, speed and a veteran vibe, some cool hooks to boot. The sound is pretty clear and the bass is audible in places. They are the kind songs that black metal listeners, especially the black metal maniacs, will view positively, as it should be.
The fourth track “Walls of Worship” is a slow number. Here, I find a bit less to be interested in. The next one, “From Hell They Rise” should have hit the ground running, and it’s incredible that it is a sort of midtempo, meandering one. The vibe of the album is in serious jeopardy now. Shockingly, next is an acoustic interlude. “Hedonistic Heresy” brings back the energy, a bit too late in the album, even though there are there are two more songs.
After repeated listens, I have concluded that the chronology of the songs is not the most conducive to keep the intensity up. More importantly, I think that the slower numbers would have been better served by (1) making them shorter and (2) infuse them with more speed earlier on. The result is an album that I want to like more, but it’s necessary to arrange the songs better, bringing forward the intensity more.

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