Tuesday, May 28, 2013

superstoner growl überdoom SAMOTHRACE: "Reverence To Stone"

superstoner growl überdoom SAMOTHRACE: "Reverence To Stone"
2 songs. 1 is more than 14 minutes and the 2nd is more than 20 minutes.
Samothrace takes their sweet time with their music.
There is no hurry to go anywhere, every riff is squeezed dry, while things move along at a snail's pace. It also takes a while for the growling to kick in and when it does, watch out, it is a slow, sluggish growl that sounds as if it's coming from a cave located way out there in distance, behind the studio where they recorded this.
"When We Emerged" (the first song) takes some 6 minutes before the pace picks up to a 70s Black Sabbath doom pace. It made me sit up and take notice:
"Wow, look at that, they are rocking out for a bit."
It sounds pleasant.
I had the feeling of a bit of joy, and because Samothrace knew this, they decided to keep it slow, just to make things once again insanely heavy, heavily hopeless.
You have to like very slow music to like this, I think. Not everyone will pass this test of heaviness. Samothrace is no laughing matter, but it's probably a crying matter. How do they manage to pack so much misery into the music? Did they break the equipment at the studio? It sounds like they reduced the studio to rubble, then decided to illustrate it all in a very, very slow motion set of songs. www.facebook.com/pages/Samothrace/67987779185

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