Friday, May 31, 2013

get in the pit right now!! Defeated Sanity (Germany): “Passages into Deformity”

Defeated Sanity (Germany): “Passages into Deformity”
“Brooooootality,” slamming technicality is how Defeated Sanity rolls. If you love, love the super-over-the-top karate-chop-moshpit beatdown and throwing your elbows in good, friendly violent fun, I have to tell you that Defeated Sanity has just entered their album “Passages into Deformity” into the my wildly famous Most Brutal Album of the Year contest, which takes place in my van, down by the river. Every person who is physically fit should form a pit now. Do it. Do it now for Defeated Sanity!
I am not physically fit because I am 83 years old, but I can sure lift up my hand and do the Frank Mullen hand quake like nobody’s business!
It’s easy for me to do it because my hands already shake all the time, anyway.
What I like the most about Defeated Sanity is that they do well the multiple things that they do, meaning that they cook their songs just right, at the right temperature, and the result is a great success. The superlow indecipherable grunting, the blasting, slamming, shredding, riffs, pinch harmonics, solos, and all these things are placed and measured well. For example, the chugga-chugga knuckle-dragging low-string plucking, if not handled correctly, bores me to tears because it can sound like uncreative, unskilled stuff played by good-for-nothing, weekend warriors of death metal. That’s certainly not the case with Defeated Sanity! Step aside, make way for the professionals. If you want to hear a superbrutal band this year, and you insist that you have the patience for one album only, make it this one.
It’s that good. About the only thing that is missing here is pig squeals and more screaming, but this is so good that I will forgive them for that. Nobody is perfect, but Defeated Sanity is 97.33% perfect.

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