Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hod: "The Uncreated Demo"

Hod: “The Uncreated Demo”
I hope that someone with some connections hears this demo and signs the band. Three songs by San Antonio, Texas black metallers Hod performed at a high level of skill. Tight, mean, ripping execution, and a venomous gremlin for a vocalist. I have only seen Hod live once and was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism onstage. They clearly have a twisted sense of humor, but the performance is serious business. Actually, now that I think about it, Fuglymaniacs’ ( technological spell magic wizard Juan has stated this very same thing about seeing Hod live. And Juan is pretty polite, but he doesn’t like people who are not ready for stage. Hod is not only ready for prime time, they could easily conquer stages all over Europe if they were given the chance. I know that people who like seriously-executed death and black metal would love this band because Hod is a high standard. Somebody sign them already. Listen to this and tell me it’s not good. Liar.

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