Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bone Sickness (Washington State): Alone in the Grave

This is a testimony of how 18 minutes of rotten death metal by Bone Sickness (from Washington state) has improved the quality of my life. There I was eating my fruit loops in my grandma’s basement where I live in a van, down by the river. I was eating and looking at the cockroaches hanging around on the floor, waiting for me to drop a fruit loop or two. I was finished watching one (of the five) alligator shows that I follow, so I put on the music of Bone Sickness and I noticed that the cockroaches were running away. I stopped the music and the cockroaches returned, with a look of confidence on their faces, so I decided to wipe off those arrogant smiles from their faces by blasting some Bone Sickness again. The cockroaches ran away again. Yes! That’s it, then: Bone Sickness—in addition to bringing enjoyment to the death metal public—is an insect repellant. Bone Sickness is efficient, compact, and unpolished with a sound of more human death metal production values. Short, sweet, to the point: Bone Sickness. Now, if only I can convince these Washington death metal zombies to do an interview with this metal zine that just happens to be in the same state…. www.facebook.com/bonesickness?ref=ts&fref=ts

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