Saturday, May 25, 2013

groove and thrash: Extrema: "The Seed of Foolishness"

Extrema (Italy): “The Seed of Foolishness”
Thrash meets Pantera meets angry politics
Extrema released their debut back in 1987 and ever since then they have been working on a fusion of thrash and groove riffs (Pantera style), while ranting and raving about politics.
Extrema takes what is happening around them, musically and politically, and wraps it all up in their own way.
Well, now, they have a new album called “The Seed of Foolishness” and since in 2013 Italy, like the world, is not doing so well financially and politically, Extrema has plenty of fuel for their fire.
Extrema has a 90s Pantera energy to it, as well as a thrash sound.
You know what’s kind of curious about Extrema?
They sound like they are from Texas!
In Texas, I would think, this type of sound would be very, very intelligible, recognizable and comfortable and Extrema would have a nice share of the Pantera and thrash fans into them.
The world is a pretty small place after all.
Italy or Texas, it doesn’t matter, Extrema will find their niche anywhere.
Check this out, in particular you do like Pantera, and fun and lighthearted thrash that takes on politics with a bit of an angry angle, but mostly Extrema wants their fans to mosh and scream, and have a drink.

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