Monday, February 5, 2018

Washington state's "Another Metal Blog And Podcast"

Here is some news from Washington state's "Another Metal Blog And Podcast"
Another Metal Podcast Episode 79: Another Metal Episode
I realized a while ago that I essentially do this podcast so other people can be lazy. I go through mountains of sonic turds to find choice new music from around the globe, all so listeners can skip the digging and enjoy the good without (most of) the bad. I’m okay with that though; if I’m anything it’s a humble servant in the metal community. You can feel free to thank me with whiskey and cookies though, or just Paypal me money so I can buy the whiskey and cookies myself.
This week’s batch of new heavy metal comes from the US, UK, Spain, Australia, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Scotland, Canada, Finland, and India.
Bands played on this episode: King Witch, Clamfight, Substratum, Necrosexual, Rotting Kingdom, ATARAXY, Faceless Burial, Druid Lord, PostNatura, Usurpress, My Silent Wake, GRAFVITNIR, Spite, Demonomancy, Throaat, Malformity, Handsome Prick, WAKE, Year Of The Coyote, Astrakhan, Revenger, Xenosis, Khiral, CHRONIC XORN

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