Wednesday, February 7, 2018

CABAL New Album 'Mark Of Rot' Drops February 23rd via Long Branch Records

NEWS: CABAL is one of the most brutal and promising heavy acts hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark.
The band aims to create a visceral and doom-laden atmosphere throughout both their music and visual expression. The production is crystal clear, whilst the songs draw a lot of inspirations from everything from black and death metal to djent and hardcore.
'Mark Of Rot' is the debut album of CABAL and the follow-up to their critically acclaimed EP 'Purge' from 2016, which earned them an award for best rock music video of the year, as well as national radio playtime. Following the release of the EP "CABAL" has played several sold out shows, shared the stage with widely renowned international acts and toured across Europe.
'Mark Of Rot' sees CABAL expanding on their signature sound, by incorporating bigger shifts in tempo and more eerie melodies, whilst still staying true to what made people take notice in the first place, bone-crushing heaviness and an unrelenting feeling of uneasiness. Adding to this the both guest-vocalists CJ McMahon (Thy Art Is Murder) and Filip Danielsson (Humanity's Last Breath) leave no doubt that 'Mark Of Rot' is a top-level wrecking ball.
The lyrical universe of 'Mark Of Rot' is much like the soundscape, an expansion of the one found on 'Purge'. The lyrics still revolve around the death cult determined to bring forth the end of existence, 'Mark Of Rot' simply expands on the mythos of the cult and all that surrounds it.
'Mark Of Rot' will be released on February 23rd, 2018 through Long Branch Records.

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